All sugar kelp from Stonington Kelp Co is cultivated using organic farming practices in the Fisher’s Island Sound off the shores of Stonington, CT. Kelp is an amazing plant and farming it produces a healthy vegetable and cleans up the water. We use zero inputs in our farming (no fresh water, no land, no fertilizer or pesticides) and sugar kelp absorbs nitrogen, carbon and phosphorus which can mitigate damage done to our local waterways. We are monitored and tested by the department of agriculture and CT DEEP and are HACCP certified to ensure our sustainably grown kelp is the best quality.

Kelp is an unnamed superfood! Sugar Kelp is a great source of vitamins A, B1, B2, C , D, E, and K – it is high in trace minerals such as iron and iodine and high in macro-minerals such as calcium.

It can be used it for medicinal purposes, weight loss, in smoothies, as a noodle, as a wrap, pickled, used as a salt substitute, used as an umami spice….the list of possibilities is endless. You can view inspiring recipes here or by following our recipe board on pintrest.

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